We pride ourselves in designing and creating pretty much Anything, Anywhere, Anytime . . .  Just ASK!

Recently we have created a wide range of amazing exhibitions, quick fire events and immersive experiences – whilst still working on some great community projects.


Our Exhibitions team have been working on all manner of Exhibitions for projects large and small.


Our Events team have produced promo pop-ups, photo shoots and exciting workshops, some with very short lead times!


Our Experience team have been entertaining new audiences with fully immersive experiences and exciting environments.


We continue to work with charities and local groups to help them get added exposure at events and shows.

We’ve enjoyed creating work for:


We have designed all manner of exhibitions, events and experiences. We can produce original concepts or work up an existing design or proposal. Whether you have prepared a detailed brief, just a simple idea or need something worked up from scratch we can take it from here.


Our team oversee all aspects of the creative process from physical build, graphics, audio visual and interactive presentation. We work up concepts through detailed drawings, site layouts and content storyboards to ensure you get stage by stage feedback as projects progress.


We have delivered projects in the UK, Europe, Middle and Far East, America, Africa and the Isle of Wight. Venues have been inside and outside, in vast exhibition halls and historic stately homes, museums, even a phone box. We pride ourselves in delivering projects on time and on budget.

The Black Tower Tales

This fully immersive experience portrays the tale of Llywelyn Bren a local Welsh hero. It has been set in the very tower that Bren was imprisoned in at Cardiff Castle. With the story told via an ancient tapestry, a haunted portcullis and a giant book it has created a strong new offer for the Castle and the City.

Ashes Sleepover at the Ageas Stadium

Unusual were asked by EGiLive to create a warm and inviting environment for guests attending an overnight screening of the Ashes opening match at the Media Centre in the Hilton Ageas Stadium, Southampton. We brought our best 11 Hilton specification beds, lighting and atmosphere to work with Luna Cinema’s big screen experience. Bringing beds to a hotel is ultimately ironic but we were able to make a great evening very memorable indeed. Certainly an Unusual evening for all concerned.

Gatwick Jobs Fair

Job fairs are run of the mill but we wanted to create something that is Unusual to this format. We were tasked with creating a bespoke environment to host 40 companies wanting to meet over 1500 attendees. Our design placed companies within themed zones and gave each one a branded backdrop and counter. This meant every company had equal billing and could just turn up with everything prepared – no need to bring posters and blu-tac for once! With an inflatable interview pod, live graphic wall and engaging seminar events EGiLive produced a spectacular day.